Bible streaming in Indian languages

Follow along with India Bible Radio in a journey through the Word of God. Listen to God’s Word no matter where you are. We have exclusive online Bible radio stations, streaming the Holy Bible in HD quality round the clock in various Indian languages. Enjoy listening to 24×7 Bible broadcasts and share your Bible experiences with your friends and family. India Bible Radio is brought to you by Shalom Gospel Ministries and Revive Web Technologies in partnership with Faith Comes By Hearing and app.

Languages Available:

  1. Assamese
  2. Bengali
  3. English
  4. Gujarati
  5. Hindi
  6. Kannada
  7. Malayalam
  8. Marathi
  9. Nagamese
  10. Nepali
  11. Odiya
  12. Punjabi
  13. Tamil
  14. Telugu
  15. Urdu


  • Free Christian Radio streaming Holy Bible Online 24×7
  • Easy to use—and free!
  • Fast High Quality Streaming
  • Book Name and Chapter Number notification
  • Listen to the Bible in background mode with notification control (Play/Pause/Stop)
  • Instant playback and premium quality
  • Share with friends via Social Networks or Email.

Nagamese Bible Radio (Naga Bible)

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Rafa Bible Radio (English)

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Rafa Bible Radio (Malayalam)

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